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Quebec - Montreal | Quebec - Quebec City

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Affirmed / Determined | Friendly / With a smile | Conversational | Reassuring | Childlike | Instructive / Narrative | Vulnerable | Serious | Snobbish | Promotional | Sexy | Restrained | Energetic | Comedic / Humorous | Exceptional articulation

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Andree Belle-Isle knew from an early age that she would become an artist of the stage; she is a born creator. At the age of 10, she had already sealed an agreement between herself and the universe: she had made a contract that she signed ... It was decided, she would be a singer! Life honored her pact and, guided by her instinct, Andrée Belle-Isle combines today a range of artistic experiences: from the rock band Barbarella to the productions Night Fever, directed by René Simard, and Rock Story directed by Joël Legendre she even founded her own record company and shows (Unity Art & Show and Les Disques Unity). In 2011, she launched her debut album: "Mon coeur qui bat", a disc that breathes love, sensitivity and the sacred. His most recent project, his mission of life, his "dada": Brillantine and Grignotin, a musical theater for children from 3 to 7 years, accompanied by books and discs of songs. She approaches in all simplicity the themes of friendship, love, joy, sharing and protection of animals, in order to enhance the intimate connection that children intuitively have with nature. Attracted by all that concerns the voice, she is formed and develops in 2018 experiences in voiceover, narration and vocal overprint, a job that she cherishes enormously.

Title / Client: Telus Publicité

Categorie: Web télé

Role: principal - mère de famille

Director: inconnu

Producer: Taxi

Title / Client: Brillantine et Grignotin

Categorie: théâtre, spectacle chanté, comédie musicale, narration de livres, cds de chansons

Role: Brillantine (principal) - chanteuse et comédienne

Director: Andrée Belle-Isle

Producer: L'Unité Arts & Spectacles



Émission jeunesse annonce Télé-Québec

Announcer, Coporate, Narration, Cartoon / Puppet, Host | French: Normative, Quebec neutral | Childlike, Energetic, Frie...

2019 | Fictive | 7 Plays

Ferrero Rochers publicité (Snob)

Coporate, Narration, Comedic character | French: Normative, Quebec neutral | Friendly / With a smile, Comedic / Humorou...

2019 | Fictive | 9 Plays

Surimpression vocale - Cutest Animals

Voice-over | French: Normative | Friendly / With a smile, Affirmed / Determined, Conversational, Instructive / Narrativ...

2019 | Fictive | 4 Plays

La Piazzetta Publicité

Coporate, Announcer, Serious character, Comedic character | French: Normative, Quebec neutral | Affirmed / Determined, ...

2016 | Fictive | 5 Plays

Comptines chantées enfants

Signing (Pop), Signing (folk), Signing (jingle / ad chorus) | French: Normative, Quebec neutral | Friendly / With a smi...

2018 | 2 Plays

Standard jazz chanté

Signing, Coporate, Signing (Pop), Signing (jazz), Signing (jingle / ad chorus) | English - Canada: Quebecois accent, No...

2017 | 3 Plays

Chansons francophones - démo chant

Signing (Pop), Signing (folk) | French: Normative, Quebec neutral | Vulnerable, Sexy, Restrained, Friendly / With a smi...

2011 | 3 Plays