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Caroline Courtois Schirmer



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Quebec - Montreal

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English - Canada
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Quebec 'joual'
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Announcer | Singing | Corporate | Video games | Narration | Voice-over | Telephony | Cartoon / Puppet | Comedic character | Serious character | Singing (Pop) | Singing (jingle / add chorus) | Audio book

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Conversational | Friendly / With a smile | Comedic / Humorous | Restrained | Sexy | Reassuring | Energetic | Affirmed / Determined | Serious | Exceptional articulation | Instructive / Narrative

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Cold Read

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Caroline is a graduate of École supérieure de théâtre of UQÀM,, where she stands in the role of Julie in Mademoiselle Julie, directed by Catherine Vidal, then the role of Djoukie in Le langue-à-langue des chiens de roche, directed by Maxime Denommée. Upon graduation from school in 2014, she is from the casting of Himmelweg (chemin du ciel) and Clay, a creation based on the novel Less than zero of Brett Easton Ellis. The following year, we meet her in Les Électres des Amériques, a multidisciplinary show taking place until dawn.

Passionate about on-camera performance, she perfected her act by several workshops, including Ann Arson, Robert Favreau, Danielle Fichaud and Benoît Finley. She starred in several short films, music videos and commercials, and this spring, we can see her in the new TV series Sur-Vie.

Fond of field of voice in all its forms, Caroline has taken various voices and versioning lessons, as well as singing lessons. She has also been studying German for over a year, by interest for her German origins.



Gâteau au chocolat Deep 'n Delicious de McCain

Comedic character, Announcer | French: Quebec neutral | Conversational, Friendly / With a smile, Comedic / Humorous | H...

2017 | 181 Plays

Narration documentaire - La perle

Narration | French: Normative | Exceptional articulation, Instructive / Narrative, Restrained | Medium, Deep | Adult

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Casting Sunkiss de L'Oréal Paris

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Jeunesse, J'écoute (Intimidation)

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Narration documentaire - Le cœur d'Auschwitz

Narration | French: Normative, Quebec neutral | Reassuring, Instructive / Narrative, Restrained, Friendly / With a smil...

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Chant - Home (Beauty and the Beast)

Singing | English - Canada: Normative | Affirmed / Determined, Reassuring | High, Medium | Young adult

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