Agence M


Marie-Pierre T. et Jolanka Lalonde



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Quebec - Montreal



he two Ms are us: Marie-Pierre and Mélanie, partners for 15 years now. We first met in a café in the Villeray district, and felt we already knew one another – our personalities clicked instantly … not really, no. The bistro on Rue de Castelnau – that’s true, but as for the rest, without putting anything down on paper, we made a commitment to each other to work passionately to achieve what we wanted, and above all, to decide together what, for us, a talent-booking agency should be, with the right doses of honesty, loyalty, solidarity and happiness, but also – and frequently – humility and hope.

Now we’ve made it; each of us has our place, our role, fully acknowledging our limitations but always striving to innovate, and, in the end, united in a spirit of close collaboration and boundless solidarity.


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Les études clinique

Comedic character | French: Quebec neutral | Conversational, Friendly / With a smile, Affirmed / Determined | High | Yo...

376 Plays

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Announcer | French: Quebec neutral | Reassuring | Medium | Adult

208 Plays

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Demos coming soon

Dusan Dukic


191 Plays

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Enregistrement maison - E-learning

Application, Podcast, Host, Narration, Corporate | French: Quebec neutral | Friendly / With a smile, Instructive / Narr...

201 Plays

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Espace Musique

French: Quebec neutral | Friendly / With a smile, Reassuring, Sexy

368 Plays

Journal de Montréal - Cahier vie moderne

Comedic character, Announcer | French: Quebec neutral | Affirmed / Determined, Energetic | Adult

188 Plays


Announcer | French: Quebec neutral | Affirmed / Determined, Friendly / With a smile, Energetic, Promotional | Medium | ...

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