Anyone can register on VoilàCasting, as long as they have voice demos.
Your membership will automatically be renewed at the end of the free 3-month period. You can cancel at any time, before the renewal, simply by accessing your account.
Yes. Each month, you can modify or cancel your membership, simply by accessing your account.
This site was created for anyone who has a need for voice-over, whether for television, film, advertising, documentaries, etc.
It's simple. Just click on CREATE AN ACCOUNT on the home page and enter the requested information. Once you've created your account, you can purchase a package to complete your ARTIST PROFILE and upload your voice demos.
Once you have subscribed, you can update the information on your profile and add, delete, or change any of your demos as many times as you wish, at no charge and for the entire duration of your annual subscription.
Yes. The cost of the addition will be charged to your account the following month.
The only audio format accepted is MP3. There are several websites that offer free conversion of audio files to MP3 format.
A demo is a single clip or sample from a TV or radio commercial, a narration, a song or something else. It is not the compilation of your work.
As the VoilàCasting search engine is based on criteria associated with each demo, you will have to post each demo separately so that they are reflected in the search results. For songs, in order to benefit from top sound quality and to maximize efficiency, we recommend choosing a sample rather than compressing the whole song in a 30-second format.
You should indicate the number at which producers can most easily reach you. But keep in mind that the contact number displayed on your artist's page is public and is visible to all.
In the directory, when no criteria are selected, each artist's "feature" demo appears. We therefore recommend that you choose the one that best represents your work.
Producers often do their searches by region. For example, if you live in Ottawa and you want to do voice-overs in Montreal as well, you can select both cities. This way you will be considered a "local" artist in both cities. But this means that you will have to travel to Montreal at your own expense.
Otherwise, current regulations (UDA, ACTRA, etc.) apply. For example, when producers run a search outside of their market, they are obligated to cover the travel costs or remote recording ("lan patch").
Write to us at contact@voilacasting.com. We will put you in touch with professionals who will help you bring out the best of your voice at a reasonable cost.
No. However, in Canada, certain contracts (in advertising, for instance) require the use of members of the Union des artistes (UDA) in French or the Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists (ACTRA) in English.
VoilàCasting has selected Stripe as a payment method due to its user-friendliness, but especially for its optimized security system. For more information, go to www.stripe.com/ca.


By default, demos are shown randomly and change with each update of the Directory page. The VoilàCasting search engine offers many options for displaying results: random, in alphabetical order (A to Z and Z to A) or by most recent demo.
If you provided a colour photo, it will appear in colour when the user scrolls their mouse over your photo and when they open your complete profile.
The more diversified your demos are, the better your chances of appearing in the search results. Therefore, it is better to post demos that represent different aspects of your work rather than several demos with a single search term.
That said, we suggest that you keep it as ‘real’ as possible and only indicate search terms that genuinely correspond to your demo. Not doing so would look unprofessional to users and could hurt your chances of success.
Searches are based on the criteria associated with each demo. If you don't post a demo with the search term "dubbing" selected, you will not appear in the search results.
The information that is not directly related to a demo appears in your complete profile and thus allows the user to have a general overview of your work experience.
By signing up – for free – you’ll have access to all your artists pages. You’ll be able to manage the profiles of all registered artists.
When an artist signs up and indicates his Talent Agency, he then automatically appears in his agency’s account. You may also register your artists yourself.
An artist will be added to your account when he makes the request in his personal file. You can remove a profile from your account by yourself at any given time.

To remove an artist’s profile from the directory, you need to contact us at : contact@voilacasting.com.
For every five (5) artists or more from a single Talent Agency, we offer a discount when subscribing. The more registrations, the better the discount. All the offers are clearly detailed in the « Subscription » page.
With its no-cost registration, VoilàCasting offers you the chance to create project folders containing one or more demos from one or more artists. These same files can be saved, copied, modified and shared by email, with complete security and confidentiality.


At first, one demo from each artist appears on the directory page. The more search terms you select, the more you can fine-tune your search results. You can also conduct a search by using a key word (artist’s first or last name, client’s name – for example: Bell, Videotron, Telus…) or by using different filters such as Talent Agency, Demo or Artist Filter.
When they register, artists must indicate the search terms that correspond to each of their demos. The search is thus conducted through artist demos.
For additional information about an artist, you can view their complete profile by clicking on the artist photo.
You have many options. By default, demos are shown randomly and the order in which they appear changes every time you access the directory. The search results can be sorted at random, in alphabetical order (A to Z and Z to A) or by most recent demo. You simply have to state your preference at the top of the directory.
It is possible to run a search directly using the SEARCH box of the directory by entering an artist’s first or last name.
You can seach artists from a particular Agency by entering the Agency name in the corresponding box.
No, membership in a professional association is not required to register.
You can select artists who are members of the professional association of your choice in the ASSOCIATIONS section.
Yes, absolutely. This obviously means that you will have to cover the costs of travel or remote recording ("lan patch") for artists outside of your market area.
An artist may indicate more than one region if they agree to travel at their own expense to be able to work in those markets, and thereby be considered as a "local" artist. Otherwise, current regulations (UDA, ACTRA, etc.) apply. For example, when producers conduct a search outside of their market area, they are therefore obligated to cover the travel costs or remote recording ("lan patch").
Yes, please do so by writing to us at contact@voilacasting.com.


It's simple: just click on the “plus” icon (located under the selected demo). You’ll find your Saved Files in the thumbnail “Saves”, located at the top right corner of the directory.
You may save as many search results as you wish. For example, you can save all the results of your search in one project, create another project to save your selections, and still another project to save your recommendations to send to the client. And, you can add or delete a demo from a folder at any time.
Just click on the "Share" icon in the upper right corner of each demo. You can share a folder containing one or several demos.