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VoilàCasting has become a key player in the voice-over industry, yet it is often under-used by some artists.

Indeed, VoilàCasting is much more than just a voice directory: especially if you’re a Voice Talent and wish to promote yourself.

Filling out your profile may seem like a no-brainer but doing it adequately is a crucial step to optimize your presence on VoilàCasting.


#1 Add your picture

Choose a good quality picture, but make sure you respect the maximum size allowed on the site. The ideal size is: 400 pixels by 400 pixels.


#2 Select your age range

Select the age range of your voice, not your actual age. In your profile, you can select multiple age rages, depending on your abilities.


#3 Fill out your bio

Do you have particular voice-over experiences? Mention it! Searchers are curious to know more about your overall skills and abilities.


#4 Invite your Talent Agency

Your Talent Agency is not listed on our website? Send them the link intended for that purpose on your "Profile" page. By doing so, they’ll be able to check out the website and create their Talent Agency account.


#5 Add your social medias

In order to generate clicks and maximize visibility of your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, your agent's website, etc.) – post the relevant links on your "Profile" page.


#6 Optimize your out-of town opportunities

Regions and cities you check mark on your profile indicate where you are willing to travel at your own expense. Choose them carefully by making sure you can easily access them.


#7 Optimize your demos

What defines best the uniqueness of VoilàCasting is its powerful and ultra-precise search engine. In order to make the most of that feature, it is really important that you sparingly choose the criteria that define your demos. Less is more

Avoid adding criteria that do not apply to your specific demo (even if it applies to your overall abilities). Adding as many criteria as possible to your individual demos is not a strategy that will help you.

Keep your Sample Demos (various clips edited in a 2 minute or so demo) for other types of medias or platforms (such as your personal website or Talent Agency’s). This type of “personal showcase” of all your abilities actually goes against the precision principle of our search engine. The advantage searchers seek when using VoilàCasting is the possibility to target specific needs for a casting.

If, per example, a searcher is looking for a "high speed voice" and can’t hear it in the first few seconds of your demo, he/she will switch to another voice. Split your existing sample demos, isolate the clips illustrating your different vocal abilities and apply the corresponding criteria to each individual demos.

Whichever package you chose, you can download as many demos as you want in your profile. By using the “drag and drop” tool you can chose to activate or deactivate the demos of your choice at any given time, whether for seasonal issues or to fit your felling of the moment. And thanks to the monthly subscription, you can also change your package each month, to activate a different number of demos.


#8 Put forward what you do best

If you’re able to do a certain accent, but don’t have a demo to showcase it, indicate it in your profile. If a searcher is looking for that particular accent for a casting, he’ll know to send you the audition breakdown.


#9 Don’t over-sell yourself

Indicate only accents and techniques you are at ease with and know how to do well.

For example, dubbing is a very precise technique that requires training. Do not add "Dubbing" if you have no experience in that field. Same goes for accents or any other particularities.


#10 Authorize auditions notifications

Here is our last - but not least - tip. The one click action that will open new doors for you.

Do not forget to check the box "I authorize les Productions Voilà to contact me" in your Profile page, in order to receive auditions.

The new feature will be very useful!